Thursday, April 30, 2009


Bazm e Meer
Released by: Times Music
Singers: Salim Arif, Sonali and Roop kumar Rathod

This album conceived by Salim Arif and sung by the husband and wife team Roop and Sonali Rathod gives voice to the poetry of Meer. Salim Arif who also introduces and recites in the album does the selection.
It is difficult to judge whether the beautiful poetry has been given adequate dignity in the singing. Salim Arif reciting at the beginning of each poem holds your attention more than the actual singing. But it is probably the kind of album, which will grow on you as you listen.
The poetry is full of touching moments but Sonali’s voice grates unfortunately and while Roop Kumar’s rendition is miles ahead of his wife’s it still require more substance to do justice to Mir Taqi Mir as he talks of ‘ghum raha jab tak dum mein dum raha or the philosophical ‘Meer jahan mein tum aaye the kya kar chale?”
The poetry veers from the romantic to the sorrowful, the helpless to the resigned [the popular patta patta butta butta which has been sung over the decades by several singers and also been included in a film is articulated here again.]
The seven pieces included here do provide a valuable graph of Meer’s life. These have been taken from his autobiography Zikr E Meer. One just wishes there was more melody here in order to sustain some of that beautiful poetry.

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